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Gail Wright

I have a son who loves football and that creates a win-WIN laundry situation! With so many practices, there is plenty of dirty laundry- perspiration, ground-in mud and grass stains.  This new WIN detergent gets everything out so his uniforms look and smell great! I have tried other "extra strength" detergents in the past, but I tried WIN because I wanted to see if I could do better.  Turns out, WIN is a WINNER - you can use less and save $$$, so that is always extra points!

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Craig Ettensohn

As a former industrial laundry plant manager, I have experienced many professional cleaning detergents and chemicals in the industrial setting which performed extremely well. When I became a stay at home dad, I took on the challenge of my own family's laundry in my own household. After trial and failure of numerous products I have found WIN Detergent to be the absolute best product available on the market for cleaning these advanced fabrics. I would put the results that are achieved with WIN Detergent up against any of the Industrial Chemicals available for advanced fabrics that I used as a plant manager. It not only cleans and deodorizes, but it is also capable of removing the old lingering odors which were still there after being washed with other detergents.<br><br>Thank You WIN for providing us with a great product!

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Cats on Broadway

Wardrobe Supervisor John Furrow used almost 100 bottles of WIN a year so the performers in Cats on Broadway were fresh for every show.

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Mike Caulo

I train my fighters to work hard, but it takes guts, initiative, and perseverance to succeed.  WIN Detergent has them all, and I wouldn't be caught using anything else.  

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Tami Sequelquist

I play roller derby with Slaughterhouse Derby Girls in Greeley, Colorado.  After 3 hours of practice we go home super sweaty.  Most of the time when you put your pads back on 2 days later some of them are still wet and smelly (we practice hard and play harder!).  It's a full contact sport so we wear elbow, wrist and knee pads... that's a lot of sweaty surfaces. I can wash my pads in WIN and they smell so fresh and wonderful. Then I'm every ones favorite player! ;)

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Amy Schwartz

I've been a group fitness instructor for almost 30 years. Technical fabrics are GREAT for wicking sweat away from the body, but what about the smell sweat leaves on clothing? I teach multiple classes every day and I wanted a detergent that would get the smell out of my clothes without changing the color or ruining the fabric. I found WIN and loved it!! I make sure I buy 4 at a time so I don't run out!! I'm happy that the bottles are bigger now and last longer because I sometimes wash my fitness clothing every day!

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Clarissa Mae

I'm so glad that I discovered WIN!  I'm a yoga instructor, so I spend all day every day in my workout clothes.  I use it every week, and recommend it to all my students!

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Gloria Dowling

I love WIN because it makes my workout clothes smell GREAT!!! WIN is gentle and does not damage my athletic attire.  It gets all the dirt, grime and stench out of them.  Even after a half marathon, I know once I throw my items in the wash they will come out looking and smelling great.  WIN makes me a WINner!

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