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WIN Sports Detergent

Your Clothes Need a Detergent As Active As You Are

WIN Sports Detergent removes sweat, oils, bacteria, and salts from activewear and workout clothing, so it feels and smells fresh as new.

Experience an active clean like never before

  • Wicking Fabrics Attract Oils

    You've heard that oil and water don't mix? Turns out that's a fundamental chemical principle. The very properties that allow fabrics to wick moisture away cause them to attract oils.

  • Those Oils are Home to Bacteria Which Create a Lingering Smell

    As bacteria from your skin consume those oils, they create gases which give synthetics that telltale sweaty smell.

  • WIN's Active Ingredients Separate Oils From Synthetics

    WIN has ingredients not found in most supermarket detergents that are optimized to remove oils from synthetics.

  • By Removing the Oils, WIN Makes Your Apparel Smell and Perform Like New

    Not only do those oils cause odor, they impede performance. By removing them, WIN makes your apparel wick better and last longer.


Experience an active clean like never before


Why WIN Works Differently

Most detergents are general purpose, and are meant for everyday clothing.  But workout clothes don't get dirty the same way as everyday clothing - they get sweaty and salty and smelly.

WIN is engineered specifically for workout clothes. We use more active cleaners which work better on synthetics. And we leave out the stain removers and optical brighteners and softeners that workout clothes don't need.



  • Cleaning agents optimized for removing oils from synthetics

  • Removes bacteria that cause most odors.

  • Restores elastic fibers to high- performance state

Regular Detergent

  • General cleaning agents for many fabric types

  • Often contains stain removers and optical brighteners that are not needed for workout wear

  • Sometimes include softeners meant for plant fibers, not synthetics

Designed So You Start Every Workout Fresh