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Yes! HE washers use less water per load, which makes them good for the environment and your water bill. You should use less detergent per load than you would in a standard washing machine. However, because machines vary, we can’t give you a specific recommendation of how much less. Feel free to experiment with your machine.

Yes, but we don’t recommend using fabric softener on technical fabrics. In most cases, the chemicals that soften fabrics interfere with the wicking properties of your apparel. They “gum up the works” so to speak.

WIN is designed to be a stand-alone detergent, not an additive.  It has a low pH, where most detergents have a high pH.  So mixing WIN with other detergents will probably get clothes less clean.

WIN can be used on whites with regular chlorine bleach to form a VERY powerful cleaning and sanitizing combo.  In fact, some studies show that lowering the pH of bleach in laundry solution can increase its anti-bacterial effectiveness. (  However, we recommend this only for whites, as WIN and bleach together are very likely to affect any dyes.  

Most technical fabrics are labelled to wash on cold, because the high pH of most detergents can damage synthetic fibers.  That's especially true of stretchy fibers like spandex.  But WIN is one of the only low pH detergents on the market, so you're not limited to cold water.

Washing with warm or hot water uses more energy, so if you can get your clothes clean with cold then stick with it!  But anyone who has ever washed a frying pan knows that warm or hot water removes oils and other residues better than cold water, so if you want to get your clothing truly clean and like new, try WIN with hot water.

We use Amazon for all of our fulfillment because they ship the fastest, deliver the quickest, and keep our costs the lowest.  Orders usually ship within 24 hours of being placed. You'll get an email with the tracking information as soon as your order ships.

If you received a notification that your order was delivered but you can't find it, please contact us and we will arrange to send you a replacement.

Our bottles are pretty tough, but shipments get handled pretty roughly.  If you received a damaged or leaking order, please contact us.  We'll issue you a refund or arrange a replacement right away.

We're embarrased by what we'd have to charge to ship outside the lower 48.  We recommend customers in AK, HI, PR and other territories as well as military customers order WIN through Amazon.

WIN Free and Clear (aka WIN Green) does not have any known allergens. 

WIN Active Fresh may contain trace allergens in our dye or fragrance.  However, unless you are directly exposed to the detergent on your skin, it is extremely unlikely that anyone would have an allergic reaction to the remaining fragrance after your clothes are washed and rinsed.  But if you're concerned, switch to WIN Free and Clear.

If you're not happy with WIN, we'll give you a refund.  Just contact us with your order number.  If you bought WIN from a retail store, please contact them for a refund first.

Absolutely not.  The last thing we want you to do is try to ship an open bottle of detergent.  If you've requested a refund from Amazon and they've asked you to return it, please use the "Contact Seller" option to send that request to us.  We'll refund your order without you needing to return the bottle.

No. WIN is not tested on animals and none of the ingredients used in WIN (including our dyes or fragrance) have been tested on animals.  WIN has been certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.  (

Yes.  All of our chemicals, including our fragrance and dye, are sourced from US suppliers.  Our bottles, caps, labels, boxes, and even the seals at the neck of each bottle are made in the US.  WIN is bottled in St Louis, MO, and warehoused in Ohio.

Not yet, but we are working on making WIN available on Amazon Canada.

Not yet.  Someday!

We do sponsor a limited number of events each year, but our budget is finite and samples are surprisingly expensive.  We are developing a program where team and school organizations can sell WIN to participating families as a fund raiser.  Please contact us if you're interested in participating before the program is officially launched.

Please complete the "Become a WIN Retailer" application, which can be found in the footer of our web site.  We'll set you up with an account to order cases of WIN at wholesale prices through our B2B platform.