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Cassie Galeotalanza

I came across WIN while a friend was doing a fundraiser and I ordered a bottle. At first I was skeptical about its ability to get the stink out of my running gear and my now husband's hockey gear.  But after a few wash loads I'm a believer! I have yet to find another product that actually leaves my clothes smelling clean and fresh! I love WIN and recommend it to all of my friends and family that play any sort of sports :)

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Craig Ettensohn

As a former industrial laundry plant manager, I have experienced many professional cleaning detergents and chemicals in the industrial setting which performed extremely well. When I became a stay at home dad, I took on the challenge of my own family's laundry in my own household. After trial and failure of numerous products I have found WIN Detergent to be the absolute best product available on the market for cleaning these advanced fabrics. I would put the results that are achieved with WIN Detergent up against any of the Industrial Chemicals available for advanced fabrics that I used as a plant manager. It not only cleans and deodorizes, but it is also capable of removing the old lingering odors which were still there after being washed with other detergents.<br><br>Thank You WIN for providing us with a great product!

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Vanessa Reyes

I have THREE high school cross country runners who run an average of 70 miles a week.  Living in Southern California, summer weather extends through the end of October.  After a week of workouts, our laundry basket smells like a locker room!  I use WIN to wash their clothes, and they come out smelling great every time.  Run, stink, wash, repeat - the life of a cross country mom!

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Michael Chan

I love WIN because when I stand with a group of athletes, I know it isn't me that reeks of old sweaty workout gear!...

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