What to Wear to Dance Class

What to Wear to Dance Class

If you’ve signed up for dance classes, you’re probably excited about the new skills you’ll learn and the people you’ll meet. That said, you want to fit in, and clothing is the very first indicator of “she knows what she’s doing.” So, what should you wear to dance class to maximize comfort and enjoyment? Let’s take a closer look.

What Kind of Dancing Will You Be Doing?

Dance classes vary wildly from one to the next—and that means the clothes you will need to wear will likely vary, as well. For instance, what you’ll wear to a ballroom dance class will be very different from what you would choose for tap, ballet, or modern dance.

As a general rule of thumb, your clothes should get tighter but stretchier as the dancing becomes more dynamic and athletic. Just about any kind of clothing will work for slow dancing, as you aren’t going to be moving fast enough or working hard enough for your clothes to cause problems. Once you pick up the speed and start to stretch your body to its limits, however, what you wear becomes far more important.

Tights or Leggings are Standard

If you will be taking part in an active, athletic form of dance, you’ll want to own at least a couple pairs of quality tights or leggings. Tights are great for dance classes because they stay close to your skin and won’t get caught on other body parts as you work on your moves. Also, since the shape of your legs will be easily visible while wearing tights, your dance instructor will be able to accurately evaluate your technique and offer advice.

Pair with a Leotard

It’s common to pair tights with a leotard for a comfortable, form-fitting dance practice outfit. There are countless leotard options available on the market today, so you should have no trouble finding a style that suits your tastes. If you’re going to be taking dance classes frequently, it’s a good idea to own a few leotards so you always have a clean one ready to go.

Men (and women) can simply wear a t-shirt or tank top in place of a leotard if you’d like.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

You should be comfortable while at dance class, so you can relax, have fun, and learn a new skill. The functional advantages of tight clothes like leotards and tights are undeniable, but some people may not feel comfortable wearing these in a public setting. If you’d like to cover up a bit more, consider adding a pair of athletic shorts or a dance skirt over your tights.

The Right Shoes are Crucial

Perhaps the most important decision you will make when getting ready for class is what shoes you will wear. After all, the whole point of dance is to use your feet to move your body, and shoes impact how your feet move, as well as how they feel.

When you’re first getting started, contact your dance studio and ask about acceptable footwear for the class you will be attending. However, don’t spend too much money on shoes for a hobby that you haven’t yet explored. Go with a simple model while you’re still testing things out. As you gain experience and learn which types of dance you enjoy, that’s when it might be worthwhile to invest in a quality pair of specialty dance shoes. After all, the more time you spend in them, the more bang for your buck!

Small Details

There are a few other details you’ll need to manage to make sure you’re ready for class. For one thing, you may be coming from work when you head to the studio, so bring a bag that you can use to hold your dance clothes during the day. Once it’s time for class, you can change into your dance attire and use that bag to hold your work clothes until you’re finished.

You may also need to do something with your hair during class, especially if you have long hair that could get in your face. Have plenty of hair ties and clips on hand so you don’t run into frustrating hair issues while trying to dance!

Keep Your Dance Clothes Fresh

Choosing the right clothes for dance class is important to keep you comfortable and free to move however you’d like. To keep those clothes clean and smelling fresh, be sure to use the right detergent! Most regular detergents aren’t designed to treat the synthetic materials included in dance clothes and activewear—so be sure to keep a dedicated sports detergent on hand, like WIN Sport Detergent. Our detergent is designed to thoroughly clean synthetic garments and leave them smelling great wash after wash. Order a bottle of WIN today, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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