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What’s the Recommended Detergent for Athleisure Wear?

Athleisure wear has never been more popular. Where people once had one set of clothes specifically designated for working out and another for general leisure wear, those two worlds have now melded. Modern athleisure wear is comfortable, presentable, durable, and up to just about any challenge.

As a result, these closet staples are often also favorite pieces—which means they get worn, and washed, a lot. Are you using a detergent that can keep these items looking, smelling, and performing like new, wash after wash? Let’s take a closer look at what makes a detergent great at cleaning these types of clothes.

Understanding Athleisure Wear

The key to selecting the right detergent for your athleisure wear is understanding the garments’ composition. These days, items in this category are unlikely to be made from cotton because cotton retains water and gets heavy quickly once you start sweating. Instead, athleisure wear is usually made from moisture-wicking materials, and that means synthetic fibers. Therefore, when choosing a detergent, you need one that has been designed to deal with the specific challenges presented by synthetic fibers.

Characteristics of the Right Detergent

The primary job that needs to be performed by your detergent is removing oils that have gathered in the fibers of your athleisure garments. While these types of clothes do a great job of getting rid of water, they wind up collecting oils that are released from your skin. Over time, this is what causes athleisure wear to stink—the oils, which regularly detergent fails to wash out, eventually emit an unpleasant odor.

To deal with this problem, you’ll want to use a detergent that features oxygen ions (which can capture the oils) rather than enzymes (which usually cannot). This is exactly the approach WIN takes—our formulation uses oxygen ions to successfully wash away the oils trapped in your athleisure garments to finally get them truly clean.

Avoid Harsh Products

You might think that synthetic fibers would be able to stand up to harsh chemicals used in more aggressive detergents, but the opposite is actually true. Strong chemical cleaners will quickly wear down your athleisure wear and dramatically reduce the useful life of your favorite items. Given the lofty cost of these types of clothes, caring for them properly is in your best interest. That’s why you need to choose a detergent like WIN, with the right formulation to get your clothes clean while keeping them looking and performing like new.

A Few Tips

Beyond using WIN detergent as your chosen cleaning product, here are a couple more tips to help you keep your athleisure wear in the best condition possible:

  • Avoid high heat. Setting your dryer to its highest setting and then tossing in all of your wet athleisure wear is a recipe for trouble. The hot, damp environment inside a dryer is bad for synthetic clothes, and you’ll do more harm than good with this strategy. It’s best to air dry these items whenever possible, and if you don’t have enough time, be sure to use a low- or no-heat setting on the dryer to minimize damage.
  • Don’t let it sit. Even with a quality detergent like WIN on your side, you are going to make the job of cleaning activewear more difficult if you let the garments sit around for too long after they’ve been worn. Make it a point to do your wash promptly after a workout, and you’ll get better results.

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