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What Detergent Is Best to Wash Yoga Pants?

These days, the term “yoga pants” can be misleading. Yes, this type of garment is worn during yoga, but that’s just the start of its duties. These days, people wear yoga pants for all kinds of activities, or even to simply sit around the house and relax. Once you find a favorite pair, the reason for the popularity of these pants becomes obvious. You’ll find yourself wearing it pretty much all the time—which means you want it to last.

To get the longest possible lifespan from your yoga pants, you need to use the right detergent. Let’s explore how to pick an ideal detergent for yoga pants, plus some other tips that will help you get the best possible results when sending those pants through the wash.

The Easy Choice

Let’s make this first part easy: WIN Detergent is the best option for washing yoga pants. Since almost all yoga pants are made with synthetic, artificial fibers, you need to use a detergent that has been designed to treat these fabrics. That describes WIN perfectly, and it’s why so many people are already washing their athleisurewear with our product.

The secret of how WIN gets athleisurewear so clean is that it targets oil molecules that tend to accumulate in synthetic fibers. Since synthetics repel water—which is a big part of why they are so comfortable for yoga and other active pursuits—they also hold on to oil. (Remember how oil and water don’t mix?) Over time, that oil will start to smell, and your favorite yoga pants might be relegated to the back of the drawer because you don’t want to smell them all day long. By washing your pants WIN—which uses oxygen ions in its formula instead of the enzymes most detergents rely on—you can attack those oils, remove them, and get your yoga pants smelling great once again.

Washing Yoga Pants Properly

Having a bottle of WIN Detergent on hand is a great start for getting your yoga pants clean, and also preserving their elasticity and color! That’s not the end of the story, however; you’ll also need to wash them properly and use the right techniques to keep the garment protected while getting it clean. Toward that end, here are several tips for washing your yoga pants the right way:

  • Turn them inside out. One of the easiest things you can do to keep your yoga pants looking like new is to turn them inside out before you wash them. This protects the outer surface of the pants and helps avoid issues like pilling and fading. Yes, it takes a moment to do this, but you don’t have to wait until you’re ready to do laundry; turn the yoga pants inside out while you’re taking them off!
  • Be gentle. Choose your washing machine’s gentle cycle to reduce the wear and tear on your yoga pants. This is particularly important if you wear them—and wash them—often. Switching to the gentle cycle might not seem like a big deal, and for a single load, maybe it isn’t. However, as the pants rack up hundreds of trips through the wash, using your machine’s gentle setting will make a difference.
  • Use cold water. Most of the time, you’ll want to use cold water when washing your yoga pants. Even if the label says that warm water is fine, use cold as your default. With that said, if they are particularly dirty or picking up an unpleasant scent, you can use warm water for a cycle or two to get them really clean before reverting back to cold.
  • Skip the dryer. Instead of automatically moving your yoga pants from the washer to the dryer with the rest of your clothes, consider hanging them up to air dry instead. This is another step that cuts down on wear and tear and helps to extend the useful life of the garment.

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WIN Detergent is designed to keep your athleisurewear smelling fresh and looking clean, no matter how hard you train. Our powerful formula targets tough odors and stains, while also preserving the integrity and performance of your favorite pieces. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, trust WIN to keep your athleisure items in top condition.

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