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Is Low-pH Detergent Better Than High-pH Detergent?

How do you decide which detergent to use in your washing machine? There are countless options on the market, and it’s possible that you simply haven’t put much thought into it until now. After all, they’re all pretty much the same — right?

Not necessarily. There are some important differences between detergent brands, and one such difference is the pH level of their formulations. Below, we’ll talk about why you should think about pH when buying a detergent and why the low-pH formula used by WIN is worth considering.

The Impact of pH

You aren’t alone if you have never thought about the pH of your laundry detergent. It’s not something that is commonly promoted or discussed, and it probably doesn’t go into many people’s decision-making processes for this kind of purchase . . . but it should.

Since you may not have thought about pH since high school chemistry, here’s a refresher: pH is measured on a scale from 0–14, with 7 being neutral in the middle of the scale. Anything higher than 7 is alkaline, while anything under 7 is an acid. As you go further toward each end of the scale, chemical reactions get more dramatic, to the point where you shouldn’t let your skin touch anything that registers as significantly acidic or alkaline. (Fortunately, this doesn’t include laundry detergent.)

So, why does pH matter for detergent? First, you can use the pH as an indicator of how the detergent is going to attempt to clean your clothes. Alkaline detergents — which comprise the vast majority of detergents on the market today — generally use enzymes (which loosen dirt molecules) and surfactants (which capture and sweep away those molecules). The trouble with this method of cleaning is that it doesn’t work very well against oils that have transferred from your skin to your clothes. For that, you need a different method.

WIN Goes in a Different Direction

As one of the only acidic detergents available, WIN is proud to use a different approach to cleaning clothes — an approach that has been carefully designed to deal with the unique challenges of cleaning clothes that hold tightly to body oils. Namely, synthetic clothes.

Washing synthetic fabrics is different from washing natural fibers like cotton because of how water and oil interact with each. With cotton, the material will soak up water (such as sweat), which is why a cotton shirt can get so heavy and uncomfortable on a hot day or if you’re working out. People much prefer wearing synthetics because they stay relatively dry and comfortable, even when being active and working up a sweat.

Synthetic fibers resist soaking up water but, instead, often collect oils while they are busy keeping water molecules at bay. Therefore, although your shirt stays drier and more comfortable, it simultaneously accumulates oil and, if those oils aren’t successfully washed out (which often happens with standard, high-pH detergents), it will start to smell.

Thanks to the acidic, low-pH formulation WIN uses — replete with oil-battling oxygen ions — you can effectively banish bad smells from your synthetic clothes once and for all. What’s more, this formulation lets you wash your clothes with hotter water (which gets them cleaner) while preserving  

A Clear Answer

The title of this article asked if a low-pH detergent was better than a high-pH detergent, and the answer is clear. When it comes to washing synthetic fabrics, yes, a low-pH product like WIN works better. Not only can this detergent get rid of that stubborn stink that can ruin your favorite workout attire, but it will also resist the tendency of alkaline detergents to weaken stretchy fabrics like spandex.

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