Is It Active Wear or Activewear Detergent?

Is It Active Wear or Activewear Detergent?

There are certain words that, when you go to write them out, give you pause. You know the word, you’re just not positive about the spelling. For instance, activewear—or is it active wear?

In the content that follows, we’ll reveal the answer and also discuss why activewear (or active wear?) detergent is so important to keep your clothes smelling fresh and performing like new.

The Simple Answer

Drumroll please . . . activewear is one word, no spaces. (You can confirm with your favorite dictionary!) So go ahead and write “activewear” in all of your future laundry and apparel-related communications.

Why Do You Need Activewear Detergent?

Now that we’ve cleared up the spelling, we can talk about what activewear detergent is and why you need it.

If you’re like most people, you pay little mind to the laundry detergent you’re using. No matter what gets tossed into the drum, you just reach for the same detergent and start the cycle.

Unfortunately, this approach is probably not getting the job done when it comes to washing activewear. The problem is that regular detergent is made for “regular” clothes, and the materials that make up most pieces of activewear don’t respond as well. For example, cotton garments might be cleaned nicely by your standard detergent, yet your activewear comes out of the wash still smelling “dirty.” And have you noticed that your favorite leggings, sports bras, and compression socks are growing looser with each wash? It’s the detergent.

A Product That Solves a Specific Problem

To get better results, you need a dedicated activewear detergent, like WIN, that has been specifically formulated to battle these problems.

What are the problems, exactly? Well, first there’s the issue of stench-causing body oils. Modern activewear is made to keep water (sweat) out so the garments stay light and cool! However, while the water from your sweat is repelled, oils from your body are not. Those oils get stuck in the material and gradually start to smell.

When you throw these stinky items in the wash, your standard detergent tries to use enzymes to break up the oils and wash them away. Unfortunately, every type of stain and dirt needs its own specific enzyme, and your all-purpose detergent is casting the widest net it can! So, oils from your sweat tend to stay embedded in the activewear, along with the stink.

WIN detergent is able to get at the oil and successfully remove it from your clothing by using oxygen ions rather than enzymes. In switching up the strategy, WIN also helps preserve the elasticity of Lycra, spandex, and other stretchy materials that get degraded by the high pH of standard, enzyme-based detergents. Imagine wearing your favorite activewear pieces for years and having them look and perform like the day you bought them!

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WIN detergent is designed to keep your synthetic activewear smelling fresh, looking clean, and feeling like new, no matter how hard you train. Our powerful formula targets tough odors and stains, while also preserving the integrity and performance of your activewear. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, trust WIN to keep your sportswear in top condition.

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