How to Wash Swimsuits the Right Way

How to Wash Swimsuits the Right Way

You may not think you need to wash your swimsuits—after all, you’re swimming through the water with them on, right? Wrong. Swimsuits get dirty just like any other piece of clothing, so you need to know how to get them clean after each swim. Here’s how to wash swimsuits the right way.

Quick Start Guide

Washing a swimsuit doesn’t need to be a drawn-out affair. Follow these steps and you’ll have it clean asap.

  • Use cold water. Hot water can damage the synthetic fibers of your swimsuit, so remember to use cool or cold water each time you wash your suit to extend its lifespan.
  • Hand-wash if you have a moment. Check the tags on your swimsuit to see what the manufacturer recommends regarding hand or machine washing. Even if your suit says it’s okay to machine wash, try washing by hand from time to time to reduce wear and help prolong the garment’s life.
  • Use the right detergent. Most regular detergents are made to treat cotton and may not do the best job when washing synthetic materials like those found in your swimsuit. A dedicated sports detergent, like WIN Activewear Detergent, is designed to clean these materials specifically and will leave your suit clean and smelling fresh.
  • Rinse it off before the washer. If you do decide to use your washing machine for this job, be sure to rinse off your bathing suit in the sink or shower if you were at the beach and may have brought some sand home with you. (You don’t want to send that sand into your machine and clog it up!)
  • Gentle with the dryer. Hanging your swimsuit out to dry can help to reduce damage and prolong the life of the suit. However, when you don’t have time for that, you should be able to use your dryer for the job, assuming the tag says it’s okay to do so. When you use the dryer, be sure to keep the heat on a low setting to limit the damage that the warm environment will do to the garment.

Chemicals are a Concern

When you swim in pools, you need to wash your swimsuit after each use because of the chemicals used to keep the pools clean. If you don’t wash the suit, those chemicals are likely to lead to an unpleasant odor—and they may “eat away at” the suit, as well. The sooner you wash the suit, the more effective the wash will be.

But what about when you swim outside in a natural body of water? You might not have those same chemicals to deal with, but now you have other dirt involved. Mud, salt, algae, seaweed—there are plenty of other elements that you’ll want to wash away before you wear the suit again.

Hand Washing Is Easier Than You Think

If you shook your head earlier when we mentioned washing your suit by hand, take a moment to consider what such a simple process involves.

First, you’ll need to collect cool water in some sort of basin, such as a bucket or a sink with a stopper. Then, as you’re filling it with water, add an appropriate amount of detergent, like WIN Activewear Detergent. Use your hands to scrub the suit and move it around in the soapy water. Manually wash the suit, tending to any spots that need extra attention for a few minutes. Then rinse and hang to air dry. That’s all there is to it!

Should You Wash a New Swimsuit?

When you purchase a new swimsuit, you absolutely should wash it before you put it on. You don’t know how it was handled before it got to you or how many other people tried it on. Play it safe and give the suit a proper washing right off the bat.

Be Careful of Delicate Garments

One last important “swimwear care” tip: pay close attention to the parts of your swimsuit that may get caught or tangled in a washing machine (netting, straps, accessories, etc). These issues are more common with women’s swimsuits than men’s, but check your suit either way. For suits with protruding decorations or lots of straps or ties, you can contain and protect them by using a garment bag. Also, as we highlighted above, it isn’t difficult to wash your swimsuit by hand, so that might be the best option for these sorts of suits.  

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