How to Wash Gymshark Leggings

How to Wash Gymshark Leggings

In a short time, Gymshark has grown into one of the top fitness clothing brands in the world. Their leggings in particular have attracted significant attention for their quality, performance, and comfort. If you’ve invested in a pair or two of these leggings, you’ll want to care for them properly so you can keep them in your closet as long as possible. Here’s how to wash Gymshark leggings so they’ll stay in great shape.

Follow Directions

No matter what you are washing, always check the care instructions located on the tag of each garment. Ignoring the instructions provided by the manufacturer may wind up harming the item, so take a moment to review the tag and take note of any special directions.

The Basic Steps

For a quick and simple plan to wash your Gymshark leggings, follow these steps:

  • Use the right detergent. Use a detergent designed for activewear, such as WIN Activewear Detergent.
  • Separate your items. Wash your leggings and other synthetic items separately from cotton garments. This allows you to tailor each washing process to the specific types of clothing.
  • Turn them inside out. Turn your Gymshark leggings inside out to reduce wear in the wash.
  • Cycle settings. Use warm water and a gentle cycle. While the leggings may say to wash in cold water, warm water can work better for getting rid of odors and stains and should not cause damage to your garments.
  • Hang or tumble dry on low. Air drying is the best way to avoid damage from heat in the dryer. Tumble dry on low if necessary.

That’s it! You don’t need to do anything complicated to clean your leggings properly. As long as you follow these steps, customizing them to your needs as necessary, you should have clean leggings ready to go in no time.

Now, in case you want to understand the “why” behind this laundry process for leggings, let’s take a closer look at each step.

The Right Detergent

There’s a difference between regular laundry detergent and activewear laundry detergent. Did you know that most regular detergents are designed to treat cotton? A detergent meant for activewear, however, is made specifically to treat synthetic fibers, targeting the oils that oftentimes “survive” regular laundry detergent and consequently create a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

It’s Important to Separate Your Items

Separating your laundry before doing the wash might seem like an unnecessary extra step, but it really is important. The issue here is that various garments have their own washing and drying needs. For example, if you are someone who is active and frequently wears items made with synthetic materials (Gymshark leggings, for instance), you’ll want to wash them with a different detergent than you use on your jeans, cotton t-shirts, socks, and other casual wear. By separating the items into two loads, you can use WIN Detergent for the activewear and regular detergent for the rest, giving each and every garment the care it needs.

Inside Out?

Another step you might be tempted to skip is turning your leggings inside out. However, that tiny extra hassle is worth it. You’ll protect the outside of your leggings as they go through the wash and help to extend the life of the garment.

Air Dry When You Have Time

While there is the risk of rubbing, snagging or tearing your leggings in the wash, it’s often the dryer that does the most damage to synthetic fiber garments. With that in mind, your best bet is to simply stay away from the dryer whenever possible. If you aren’t in any rush to wear your leggings, find a place to air dry them instead. You might be surprised at how quickly your leggings will dry when hung up, and this is another step that can help to extend their life. When it is necessary to use the dryer, keep the heat on low to minimize potential damage.

Try WIN Detergent

To always be ready to wash your Gymshark leggings properly, keep a bottle of WIN Detergent in your laundry room. We have created this detergent specifically to meet the demands of washing activewear made from synthetic materials. Order a bottle today and see the difference for yourself!

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