How to Wash Goalie Gloves

How to Wash Goalie Gloves

Whether you’re playing hockey, lacrosse, or soccer, the players charged with protecting the goal require an extra piece of gear: a pair of gloves. Given all of the diving, grabbing, and throwing the goalie does, those gloves are sure to get sweaty and dirty. Although washing them can’t help make more saves, it will make the gloves more comfortable and help to extend their life. Here’s how to wash goalie gloves!

Quick Wash Guide

There’s not always a lot of down time between games and practices, so if you’re in a hurry to wash your goalie gloves, here are a few quick and easy steps to get the job done:

  • Fill a sink or a small bucket with warm water. The water shouldn’t be hot. Aim for a temperature that is comfortable when you submerge your hands.
  • Add detergent. Use 1-2 oz of detergent per 1 gallon of water. A dedicated sports detergent like WIN Detergent is your best bet to treat your gloves—and it’s great for your jersey, shorts, and other activewear, too!
  • Soak and scrub the gloves. Use your hands to scrub the gloves without being too rough. By squeezing the gloves in the soapy water, you should be able to work out most of the dirt that has accumulated during the course of play.
  • Rinse. Once the gloves are clean, run them under the faucet to wash away the remaining soap. Again, be gentle—just let the flow of the water carry away the soap and finish the job.
  • Air dry. Heat can damage goalie gloves, so the best drying method is to set them out to air dry. Also, rolling up a bit of newspaper and placing it inside the gloves can help to wick water away even faster.

You’ll notice that we did not mention the washing machine anywhere in this process. Placing your goalie gloves in the washing machine is not a good idea, as this could damage your gloves. Fortunately, washing the gloves by hand is pretty easy, and it should only take a few minutes from start to finish.

Not Too Wet, Not Too Dry

Maintaining the condition of your goalie gloves can be tricky. On the one hand, you don’t really want to store them wet, as this can lead to the development of bacteria and even mold. On the other hand, letting your gloves get too dry can become a problem, as this can make the latex on the palms of the gloves brittle and damaged. “Slightly damp” is the condition you’re searching for, and that should be attainable with a bit of planning and attention to detail.

Your goalie gloves are not like leather baseball gloves that need to be oiled. They are synthetic. But if you leave them out in the hot sun, they’ll dry and crack. While it’s important to let them dry out after a practice or game (to prevent bacteria and mold build-up), be sure to keep them out of extreme heat. Rather than putting them out in the sun or closing them up while still wet inside your bag, consider hanging them from a drying rack in your bathroom. Letting your gloves dry inside your air-conditioned home should help to keep them in good condition.

Washing Your Other Gear

You probably know that, in addition to your goalie gloves, your jersey, shorts, and socks are all made from synthetic fibers. What you may not know is that regular detergents aren’t really designed to treat these materials. Instead, most detergents are made to treat cotton. Because of this difference, regular detergent can often leave your gear smelly, even after it’s been through the wash.

To tackle odor with ease, try a dedicated sports detergent, like WIN, which is made specifically to remove odor, sweat, and oils from synthetics. You can also check out our washing guides for the rest of your uniform:

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