How to Wash Fabletics Leggings

How to Wash Fabletics Leggings

A great pair of leggings is a staple in any collection of (female) activewear. In recent years, the Fabletics brand has gained popularity in this space for producing leggings that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Here’s how to wash Fabletics leggings to keep them in great shape!

Check the Label

The first thing you should do before washing any garment is check the label for directions. This is as true for Fabletics leggings as it is for anything else in your closet. The manufacturer is the one who will know how to best extend the life of the garment, so get into this habit as part of your laundry routine.

Washing Guide

Here’s how to wash your Fabletics leggings in just a few simple steps:

  • Use cold water. It’s tempting to put your leggings in hot water to “get them clean,” but cold water will still do the trick while being gentler on the fabric.
  • Use the right detergent. Did you know most regular detergents are designed to treat cotton instead of the synthetic materials found in your leggings? If your leggings still smell bad when they come out of the wash, that could be why. Look for an activewear detergent that’s made to treat synthetic materials, instead. WIN Activewear Detergent is a great pick!
  • Avoid dryer sheets and fabric softener. You might be in the habit of using dryer sheets or fabric softener with your laundry. That’s okay in many cases, but skip it when caring for your Fabletics leggings and other activewear. These products will leave a waxy residue on the synthetic fibers, which can prevent your sweat from being washed out of the material.
  • Wash inside out. Washing your leggings inside out can help to preserve the external appearance, maintaining the beautiful look that drew you to them in the first place.
  • Skip the dryer. It’s okay to use the dryer if you need to, but keep the heat setting on low. If you aren’t in a hurry to use your leggings again, it’s better to let them hang dry to cut down on the wear and tear that can happen in the dryer.

Maintaining Your Leggings

One of the reasons Fabletics leggings are so comfortable for exercise is that they do a great job of wicking moisture away from your body as you work out. When we mentioned above that you should skip fabric softener, that’s because it can interfere with the way your leggings wick moisture. By keeping unnecessary chemicals and other additives out of your washing process, you can maintain your leggings’ performance for as long as possible.

Protect Your Garments in the Wash

Another easy step you can take to protect your leggings is to wash them in a bag of some kind. A general laundry bag will work well, but you can even use a pillowcase if you don’t have a dedicated laundry bag. The idea here is to prevent your leggings from rubbing or snagging on other items in the wash, so they can come out just as beautiful as they went in.

Separate the Load

One of the fun things about Fabletics leggings is the many different colors and patterns that they feature. However, this means that it’s important to separate these leggings—and other bright items—from the rest of your laundry. Yes, this creates “extra work,” to first separate your laundry items and then wash them separately, but the task is worth it to make sure you don’t ruin items that might bleed or shrink or fade.

Steer Clear of These Mistakes

It’s unlikely that you’d do most of these things with your Fabletics leggings, but just in case:

  • Do not iron your Fabletics leggings (the hot iron could significantly damage the synthetic fibers)
  • Do not bleach your leggings (this will ruin the color of the garment)
  • Don’t have your Fabletics leggings dry cleaned, or they may get damaged

Try WIN Activewear Detergent!

You need the right detergent on hand if you’re going to get great results when washing your Fabletics leggings and other activewear pieces. WIN Activewear Detergent is designed specifically to clean and remove odor from your activewear, so you can trust our formula to keep your leggings fresh. Order a bottle of WIN Activewear Detergent today and see the difference for yourself.

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