How to Wash Under Armour Clothing

How to Wash Under Armour Clothing

Under Armour is one of the most popular clothing brands for those with an active lifestyle. If you own Under Armour items, you’ll want to know how to wash each piece properly to get the longest life out of the garment. Here’s a quick guide for how to wash Under Armour clothing!

Note that the label on each garment will have important washing instructions. Be sure to consult that information for each garment when washing.

Washing Under Armour Leggings

Under Armour leggings are extremely popular. You will need to care for your leggings properly if they are going to maintain their elasticity for many workout sessions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Wash cold. Under Armour specifically recommends that you wash your leggings in cold water. Also, be sure to use a detergent that is designed to treat the synthetic materials that make up the garment. WIN Activewear Detergent is a great option.
  • No fabric softener. Synthetic materials are used in modern athletic wear to help wick away moisture. Fabric softeners can leave a coating on your garments that prevents synthetic materials from performing as expected. Leave them out of the wash!
  • Dry on low heat. High heat can damage your Under Armour leggings, so either use the dryer on a low heat setting, or hang them up to air dry. If you have the time and space, hanging them to dry will be gentler on the material in the long run.

Washing Under Armour Tops

While Under Armour offers a wide variety of tops for various activities, the vast majority of them are made with synthetic materials that can be treated similarly in the wash.

  • Consider a pre-soak. If you’ve been working hard in your Under Armour top and it is drenched in sweat, consider pre-soaking the garment before it goes into the washing machine. Placing the shirt in a bucket or sink full of water with some detergent is a great way to get rid of unwanted smells. As with leggings, you’ll want to use a sports detergent like WIN Detergent that’s made specifically to treat synthetic materials.
  • Wash cold. Again, like you did with the leggings, you’ll want to stick with cold water when using the washing machine.
  • Dry on low heat. To avoid heat damage, air dry your tops, or run through the dryer on a tumble dry or low-heat setting.

Washing Under Armour Sports Bras

For active women, a quality sports bra is essential. Here’s how to care for your favorite Under Armour sports bra:

  • Consider a lingerie bag. If your sports bra has any hooks or clasps that could snag or get tangled in the wash, pop it in a mesh laundry bag for protection.
  • Machine wash on delicate in cold water. Take it easy on your sports bras by washing them on a delicate cycle. Then use cold water—along with the right detergent, like WIN Detergent—to remove odor and dissolve salt.
  • Tumble or air dry. Sports bras are relatively delicate items, so keep them away from high heat that could damage the fabric. Instead, tumble dry on low heat or hang them to air dry.

For more tips on washing your sports bras, check out our blog post here.

Washing Under Armour Underwear

Under Armour offers quality underwear that is designed for a variety of sports and athletic activities. Here’s how to wash your favorite undies:

  • Consider a lingerie bag. Just as with sports bras, you want to treat your underwear gently. You can use a lingerie bag to keep underwear safe from snags.
  • Machine wash cold, delicate. Select the gentle wash cycle with cold water.
  • Tumble or air dry. While the dryer is fine for Under Armour underwear (unless the tag says otherwise), always use low heat. And remember that hanging them to dry instead can help them last longer over time.

What Makes Under Armour Difficult to Clean?

Have you ever noticed how your Under Armour clothing tends to smell even after it has gone through the wash? The synthetic materials that make Under Armour so great for athletics are guilty of holding on to that stink. These fabrics can trap oils from your skin and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Those bacteria feed on the oils and emit smelly gasses.

To tackle the stink, you’ll need to get rid of the oils that are stuck in your garment. Unfortunately, regular detergents are made to treat cotton and are not as effective when dealing with synthetic materials. To keep your Under Armour items fresh, you’ll need to use a dedicated sports detergent that’s designed specifically to remove oils from synthetic materials.

The Solution: WIN Activewear Detergent

To keep your favorite Under Armour garments and other activewear pieces smelling great, try WIN Activewear Detergent. Our powerful detergent is specifically formulated to eliminate the stink from synthetic fibers. Order a bottle today, and smell the difference after your very first wash!

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