How To Wash Hockey Gloves

How To Wash Hockey Gloves

For a sport played on ice, hockey sure manages to produce a lot of sweat. Given the immense physical demands of the game, players often come off the rink drenched. That sweat can lead to stench pretty quickly. To maintain clean-smelling equipment all season long, you’ll need a plan for how to wash each piece of gear. In this post, we’ll teach you how to wash hockey gloves and get the smell out for good.

Quick Washing Guide

The best way to keep hockey gloves smelling fresh and feeling comfortable is to wash them regularly. Here’s a quick rundown on how to wash hockey gloves the right way:

  • Remove any objects. Before washing, make sure nothing is loose on your gloves and nothing has slipped down into any of the finger holes.
  • Remove the liners. If your gloves have removable liners, take them out and toss them into the wash alongside the gloves.
  • Read the instructions. Check the washing directions on your gloves. Most gloves are suitable for the washing machine, but it’s always a good idea to double-check the specifics of your gloves.
  • Machine wash with activewear detergent. Assuming you can use the washing machine, run the gloves on a long cycle with a detergent specifically designed for activewear. If your gloves need to be handwashed, you can use the same detergent!
  • Use a warm or hot water cycle. As long as the label on your gloves says it’s okay, warm or hot water is best for removing persistent odors.
  • Hang to air dry. When the cycle is finished, hang your gloves to dry. You can also point a fan toward the gloves to help speed up the drying process. If you’re willing to listen to them banging around in your dryer, you may be able to safely tumble dry on low or no heat, as well. As always, check the label to be sure.

    Get The Smell Out Of Hockey Gloves

    As you know, sweating is part of the game—hands included. Sweat and other body oils will inevitably collect inside your gloves. After a while, they can really start to stink. This isn’t unique to you; it’s because hockey gloves are made of synthetic materials. Those materials trap your bodily secretions, creating a breeding ground for microorganisms that feed on sweat, dirt, and oils and release nasty-smelling gases.

    If you’ve tried washing with normal detergent, you’re probably aware that the smell is tough to get out. That’s where a dedicated sports detergent like WIN comes in handy.

    A quality activewear detergent like WIN is made to specifically target this oil buildup. With a specialized formula, WIN releases oils and bacteria from synthetic fibers and washes them away. Because WIN removes the oils from your apparel, the fabric is restored and odor-free. In short, washing with a detergent like WIN helps to improve the quality and longevity of your gear.

    Additional Odor Prevention Tips

    Washing hockey gloves with the right detergent can solve your odor problem in no time. But you may not always have the time to wash your gear. No problem. There are some steps you can take to help prevent bacterial build up and odor.

    The enclosed environment of a hockey bag can stay warm and damp, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent this, simply remove your gear from your bag. Shortly after you get home from every practice or game, be sure to take your gear out of your hockey bag and let it air out. For your gloves, be sure to remove the liners and let those air out as well.

    Find a good place in your home—perhaps your garage or a bathroom drying rack—to air out your gear after each use. Of course, if you are having nice weather, you can air out your gear outside. This is important as it will make it harder for those nasty bacteria and odors to develop.

    How Often Should I Clean My Hockey Gloves?

    Whether you are washing your own gloves or caring for those of your child, it’s good to have a cleaning plan in place. To really tackle the stink, toss your dirty hockey gloves in the wash after every game or practice. However, if that’s too much for your schedule, try to wash the gloves at least once per week, on a day where no practices or games are scheduled.

    It’s About Hygiene

    It might be tempting to just put up with the smell and skip regularly washing your hockey gloves. However, the potential for an infection or rash increases the longer you let bacteria build up. Save yourself that particular agony by staying ahead of the issue and washing your gloves consistently.

    WIN Detergent Is Made For Sportswear

    If you are looking for a partner in the battle against stinky hockey gloves, consider WIN Detergent for the job. When it comes to washing activewear, you are unlikely to find a better option anywhere on the market.

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