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How to Wash Hey Dudes for the Best Results

Hey Dudes shoes have become incredibly popular in recent years. If you already own a pair, you know just how comfortable and attractive these casual shoes can be.

If you want to wear your pair of Hey Dudes for as long as possible, you’ll need a good plan for washing them periodically. You certainly don’t need to wash your shoes as often as the rest of your clothes, but they do need to be cleaned from time to time to keep them looking—and smelling—great. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works and what you’ll need to get good results.

What Materials Do You See?

Not all Hey Dudes are made with the same materials, so you’ll need to take a closer look at the pair you own to determine what kind they are and what type of care they need. It’s important to match your washing techniques to the materials you’re working with (you’d never wash wool in hot water, for instance)—Hey Dudes are no different.

The main line of Hey Dudes features a woven fabric upper. This is probably what you think of first when you picture this brand of shoes, and it may be the type you have in your closet. Alternatively, other shoes in this product line have a canvas upper, instead, which offers a different look and even greater durability. Keep in mind which type of Hey Dudes you own so you can use the appropriate washing method (which we’ll describe shortly).

Get Organized

It can be frustrating to start a washing process only to discover mid-wash that you don’t have everything you need. To avoid that outcome, gather all the supplies you need before any water touches your shoes. Fortunately, it’s a short list. First, you’ll want a quality detergent, like WIN detergent, on hand as your cleaning agent. Then, you’ll need some warm water, a soft-bristled brush, and a dry towel or two. Gather up all of these things in an area that is good for washing, like a bucket or utility sink, and you’ll be ready to get started.

The Right Technique

Most of us are comfortable with the task of washing things like clothes and dishes, but washing shoes is not as familiar. To help you get good results and avoid doing damage to your Hey Dudes, follow this advice:

  • Commit to handwashing. While it might technically be possible to put your Hey Dudes in the washing machine, we don’t recommend it. Instead, handwash the shoes to avoid doing any damage—especially if your pair has the woven fabric upper, which will lose its shape if handled too roughly. (In a pinch, canvas Hey Dudes can tolerate the gentlest setting of a washing machine because canvas tends to hold its shape better.)
  • Add detergent to water. Mix some of your detergent into the water, and then add the shoes. It’s okay to completely submerge the shoes while you rub the surface and use your brush to dislodge any dirt and grime that has accumulated.
  • Rinse the shoes. Use clean water to rinse off the shoes and get rid of any lingering detergent.
  • Dry them off. You can use a dry, clean towel to pat the surface of the shoes and start the drying process. Then, leave them to air dry.

Remember This Vital Rule

There is some room for variation in the steps above; however, there is one point that is nonnegotiable, and that’s putting your Hey Dudes in the dryer. Don’t do it. Using a machine dryer will almost certainly degrade the integrity of the shoes, and it may even ruin them to the point where you have to throw them away. Only wash your shoes when you know you’ll have time to let them air dry. As they dry, you can stuff newspaper or a small dry towel inside the shoes to absorb excess moisture and help the shoes maintain their shape. Just never, ever put them in the dryer.

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