How to Wash Football Pants

How to Wash Football Pants

After a football game or practice, it’s almost certain that every player’s pants will be dirty. Even if a player managed to avoid grass and dirt stains, the sweat alone would dictate that the pants need to be washed before another use. It’s important to have a game plan to keep your pants in great shape. Here’s how to wash football pants the right way.

The Basic Steps

You need to take care of those dirty pants before they stink up the whole house! Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to do to clean your football pants:


  • Remove the pads. Before you toss the pants into the wash, be sure to take out the removeable pads. Those are not meant to go through the wash cycle, and they could easily be damaged—or even ruined—if they do. This is an important first step prior to each washing!
  • Evaluate any trouble spots. It’s possible that there will be one or two spots on the pants that need some extra attention. If there are major grass or dirt stains, pre-treat those areas before proceeding with the wash cycle.
  • Use a sports detergent. Regular detergents are made to treat cotton, so they often won’t cut it when you need to treat synthetic materials like those found in your football pants. An activewear detergent like WIN Activewear Detergent is your best bet to remove odor from your sportswear.
  • Run the wash, in warm or hot water. When you set your washing machine, be sure to use warm or hot water, as this will be more effective than cold water to help get stains and odor out.
  • Dry them quickly. To protect the pants over the long run, it’s best to use a gentle dry cycle without too much heat. If you don’t have a dryer or prefer not to use it for these kinds of items, hang the pants somewhere they can dry.

There are two important things to remember here: take quick action to address dirt and stains, and use the right detergent. If you follow even just those two basic rules, you should have little trouble keeping your football pants fresh and clean. Read on for some more in-depth tips on properly caring for your pants!

How Often Should You Wash Football Pants?

Ideally, you will wash your pants after every game and practice. That might seem like a lot of washing, but you need to remember what the garment is going through while it’s being worn. This isn’t like a jacket that you toss on over a shirt for a couple hours while running errands. Your football pants collect copious amounts of sweat and stains every time you wear them. If possible, pick up an extra pair or two so you can alternate between them.

Sweat Is The Enemy

It’s easy to focus on visible issues when washing your clothes. For instance, when you see things like dirt and grass stains, you take steps to address them. That will keep your pants looking good . . . but what about how they smell?

Most likely, your football pants are made from a synthetic material. That type of material has a lot of performance benefits, but it tends to trap body oils and sweat more than a material like cotton. Those oils attract bacteria, and those bacteria stink.

To clean your pants properly and remove that odor, you need a special detergent that’s made to treat these kinds of synthetic materials specifically. WIN Detergent, for instance, is made to wipe out the oils and bacteria trapped in activewear materials, so your garments can smell fresh and last longer.  

Don’t Forget the Jersey

Most jerseys can be washed right along with the football pants. Because the jersey will likely also be made from a synthetic material, both can be washed by following the same basic steps. Once you get into the habit of washing these items after practices and games, it won’t seem like much of a chore at all.

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WIN Detergent is the Right Play

Football teams need to call the right plays in order to be successful. When it comes to laundering football apparel, you need to make the right calls, as well. That means picking the right detergent. With WIN Detergent, you will have a product that has been designed to treat odor fast. Order a bottle today, and see what a difference it can make.

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