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How to Properly Wash a Weighted Blanket

When it comes to using a weighted blanket, the purported benefits are increased comfort and reduced anxiety when settling down to relax or sleep. It’s like a blanket, but better! And, given its different properties, you’ll find that when it comes time to wash a weighted blanket, it needs slightly different care than the other blankets you own.

Read on to learn how to clean your heavy blanket correctly with as little fuss as possible. Between the right technique and the right detergent, you should get great results and keep your beloved blanket clean and fresh for years to come.

Take a Closer Look

Even if you’ve spent countless hours relaxing and sleeping under your weighted blanket, you might not know this item quite as well as you think you do. First, most weighted blankets are a two-part product: they have an outer cover and an inner weight. The outer cover is designed to be as soft and cozy as possible, while the inner weight provides exactly that—the weight. The cover may be made out of cotton, but many other materials are commonly used, so check the label to be sure. For the inner weight, a variety of objects can be used to provide heft, including plastic pellets, glass beads, and more.

Address Problem Areas

The first step in washing a weighted blanket is to deal with any notable stains you find on the cover. For instance, if you spilled some food or drink onto your blanket, work on spot-treating the affected area before you do anything else. Even if you aren’t able to get the stain out entirely, do your best to minimize it before you put the blanket through a full wash.

Two Different Tasks

Washing a weighted blanket is easier when you mentally divide the job up into two different tasks. First, you need to wash the outer cover. Start by removing the inner weight and read any instructions on the label of the cover. Usually, you will be able to use a washing machine for this job, just as you would with any other blanket. If the outer cover is made with a synthetic material (as many are), consider using a detergent like WIN to effectively remove your body oils from the fabric—these are what can make it smell!—while preserving the color and integrity of the material. Then, go through the washing process as you would with the rest of your laundry, including drying the cover on low heat, and task one of washing your weighted blanket is done.

For the inner weight, things are a little more complicated. Definitely do not just toss this heavy item into your washing machine—doing so could harm not only the blanket but the machine itself. Most likely, if you have been using the blanket with the cover in place, the inner weight should be in pretty good shape. You shouldn’t need to do more than spot-clean any affected areas before putting the clean, dry cover back on.

Proper Storage Will Help

You probably don’t use your weighted blanket throughout the year because the weather is often too warm for comfortable use in the summer months. If you put yours away for a few months at a time, be sure to store it correctly so it stays in good condition. If possible, fold your weighted blanket and place it in a storage bin with a lid. Then, tuck that bin into an area that stays relatively cool and away from direct sunlight. This simple storage plan will keep the blanket fresh and ready to go when those cool fall evenings return again.

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