How to Get Mud Out of Clothes

How to Get Mud Out of Clothes

If you or your children like to play outside, you’re bound to encounter mud from time to time. From running on muddy trails to sliding on wet soccer fields, mud is simply part of the game—and it can leave your clothes in rough shape.

We’ve created this post to help you bring your muddy garments back to life as soon as possible. Cleaning mud might seem like a daunting laundry task, but it can be easy when armed with the right tools and know-how. Here’s how to get mud out of your clothes!

Quick Start Guide

Are you standing in front of your laundry machine wearing muddy clothes and wondering what to do next? The points below will help to steer you in the right direction:

  • Remove loose debris. The best place to start when trying to get mud out of your clothes is to shake any loose debris off of your clothing (outside, if possible!). You don’t want to put any more mud and dirt into your machine than you have to.
  • Don’t spread it around. As you shake off debris, try not to wipe your hands on the mud and spread it around to other parts of the garment. (Doing so will only make the area that you need to clean bigger.) Whatever won’t come off on its own with a gentle shake should be left on the garment to dry.
  • Dry it out. Place the item in a safe spot in your laundry room where it can dry. This may take some time, but once the mud is dry, it will be easier to remove.
  • Remove the dried mud. You can do this either by hand or with a small tool like a brush or spatula.
  • Presoak. Once all the loose mud is gone and you are down to just the stain, put some detergent on the stained spot and place the garment in a bucket of water to soak for roughly 30 minutes. This presoak will help loosen the stain before the item goes into the washing machine.
  • Run the laundry as normal. With all of the previous steps completed, you’ll be ready to run your laundry as usual. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to wash and dry cycles.

Hold Off on the Dryer

If you aren’t happy with how your garment looks after it has gone through the wash cycle, don’t toss it into the dryer out of habit. This will set the stain, and it’s unlikely you will be able to improve the garment very much from that point. Instead, start the washing process over and spot-treat the stain again to see how much more you can get out.

Don’t Spread the Problem

With particularly dirty garments, it’s a good idea to do a separate load of wash to avoid spreading the mud to other items. It might be a bit of a hassle to do two loads of wash, but you’ll be glad you did when your perfectly good clothes come out clean rather than ruined by the muddy mess.

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