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Best Detergent to Wash a Hat or Baseball Cap

When it comes to washing clothes, most people operate on autopilot: after you wear a garment, it goes into the hamper, eventually spins around in the laundry machine, and gets freshened up. But you know what rarely makes it into the hamper? Hats—especially baseball caps. Yet if you’re wearing a cap regularly, it’s picking up a lot of dirt and sweat that really ought to be washed out.

Admittedly, washing a baseball cap can be trickier than washing your clothes, but it’s not difficult; it just requires more forethought. Here’s some advice on not only how to wash your baseball cap without damaging it, but also what detergent is the best fit for the job.

Not All Hats Are the Same

Before you toss your hat into the wash, you need to know a little more about it. Specifically, you’ll want to figure out what materials were used to create it. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Cotton. If you have a hat that is made with mostly cotton, you can use a standard washing technique to get the material clean. Most detergents will work for this job, as cotton is a material with a long history of use in garments, and standard detergents are suitable for cleaning it well.
  • Wool. Again, this is a natural, time-tested material that is easily cleaned with most detergents. With wool, however, you’ll need to be a little more careful than with cotton, as you could do some damage in the washing (and drying) process.
  • Synthetic. Many hats today, especially baseball caps, are made with synthetic materials. In this case, a specific type of detergent is necessary to get the best results. Products like WIN detergent have been carefully formulated to work on synthetics to get your cap—and many other synthetic garments—clean and odor free.

The Hat-Washing Process

Once you have a detergent in hand that is up to the challenge of washing your hat, it’s time to get down to business. While the detergent you use has a big impact on the results you get, the process you follow is also important. And the process will depend on the type of hat you’re washing.

For a soft hat like a stocking cap, you can use the same process you use for washing any of your other clothes. Essentially, there isn’t any difference between a T-shirt or pair of socks and a stocking cap, as long as they are made from the same material. The hat is soft and pliable, so it can go through the normal washing routine.

Baseball hats are different. They have a specific shape that needs to be maintained, and the stiff bill of the cap is particularly prone to damage during washing and drying. The best way to approach this challenge is to resist the urge to toss your hat in the washing machine and instead do the job by hand. It won’t take long to hand-wash a baseball cap with a bit of water that has been sudsed up using WIN detergent.

Once it’s washed, don’t put the hat in the dryer. Instead, simply set it out in a place where it will have plenty of room to air dry. It takes a bit of time—overnight works great! The dryer is simply too harsh for your hat and can cause it to come out misshapen and potentially damaged beyond repair.

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