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Are Low-pH Detergent and pH-Neutral Detergent the Same Thing?

When picking out a laundry detergent, you certainly have plenty of options. Walk down the appropriate aisle at your grocery store and you’ll find numerous shelves stocked with countless brands and styles, each claiming to be able to do the difficult work of getting your clothes clean and smelling fresh.

One factor that you won’t find mentioned on many bottles but that is important to consider is the pH of each detergent. In this article, we’ll explain why pH is important and why WIN uses a low-pH formula to deliver better results time after time.

Why pH Matters

If you haven’t thought much about pH since you took a chemistry class in high school, here’s a quick refresher: The pH scale runs from 0-14, with 7 indicating a neutral pH level. Low pH levels indicate acidity, while high pH levels indicate alkalinity.

So, when we’re talking about low pH detergents versus neutral detergents, we’re discussing whether it’s better to be acidic or neutral in this context. And no, these are not the same thing. A low-pH/acidic detergent formula will be fundamentally different from a neutral formula — and, as a result, you can expect them to perform differently when put into your washing machine. Therefore, the question at hand is: Will an acidic detergent deliver better results than a neutral one?

Consider a Common Problem

Let’s step away from chemistry class for a moment and discuss a common problem that many people experience with regard to their laundry. It has to do with synthetic fabrics. Synthetics are more common than ever before, as people turn to activewear as their chosen clothing for not only workouts, but also day-to-day life. Clothes made from synthetic fabrics tend to be comfortable, durable, and versatile, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become so popular.

The problem with these fabrics is that over time, you might notice that they start to stink – and the stink doesn’t always go away after they are washed. What’s happening is that since synthetics are made to repel water, they wind up attracting oil. As a result, the oils that you naturally shed, especially while sweating, accumulate in the fabric and over time start to stink.

The reason the oils accumulate is because standard neutral-pH detergents and water don’t do a good job of getting rid of them. You need a different detergent to solve this problem — an acidic detergent like WIN.

Lower pH, Better Results

WIN is one of the only detergents on the market that registers as acidic on the pH scale. Because we use oxygen ions as our active ingredient, rather than enzymes like most other detergents, we are able to use an acidic formula, since oxygen ions can tolerate such conditions. The oxygen ions do a far better job of lifting the oils from your synthetic fabrics and washing them away — and just like that, the foul smell is gone. With WIN, you can expect your synthetics to come out of the wash actually smelling clean. You should also be able to get a much longer lifespan out of your clothes, because WIN is formulated to preserve stretch, color, and other aspects of synthetics far better than standard, neutral-pH detergents.

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