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Are High-pH Laundry Detergents Bad?

Most of the detergents on the market today have a high pH. Of course, this isn’t something the average consumer is ever going to think about; most people buy their detergent based on brand loyalty or whatever is on sale.

However, if you haven’t been happy with the way your detergent has been performing, its high pH may be the culprit. Switching to WIN, which has a low pH, could make a big difference.

Consider the Goal

When trying to choose a detergent, you need to consider what your goal is for a given load of wash. Not all loads of laundry are the same, but most people tend to treat them the same. Ultimately, to get your clothes clean, you need to consider what they’re made of.

If you are washing a load of entirely cotton garments, a higher-pH detergent might be suitable. But is that the kind of load you run through your washing machine regularly? Probably not. These days, more and more synthetic fabrics have taken the place of cotton in everyone’s wardrobes. If this is true for you, going with a high-pH detergent might be a mistake.

The Right Solution

At the heart of the matter is the way high-pH detergents attempt to clean clothes. Generally speaking, these types of detergents use enzymes as their active cleansing ingredient, and enzymes need an alkaline (i.e., high pH) environment to work. So, if you buy an average detergent off the shelf, it’s almost certainly going to be alkaline.

However, enzymes might not be the right active ingredient for what you are trying to accomplish. For cotton fabrics, enzymes work great because water — not oil — is the liquid they tend to absorb. Synthetics, however, repel water and attract oil. Therefore, if you want to clean the oils away from your (numerous) synthetic garments, oxygen ions are a better bet. (If you have ever been frustrated that your synthetic garments came out of the wash still smelling “dirty,” that’s almost certainly a failure of your enzyme-reliant, high-pH detergent.)

The Other Side of the Scale

The opposite of alkaline is acidic, and that’s where you’ll find WIN detergent on the pH scale. As an acidic formula, WIN uses oxygen ions as the main active ingredient, which is what helps it achieve such great results with synthetic fabrics. Among many advantages, you’ll be able to use hot water in the wash because of this formula, which helps you get your items as clean as possible. (Dishwashers use hot water for a reason!)  

It should be noted that while getting rid of foul smells is a big advantage, that’s not the only reason to go with WIN. You’ll also find that the colors of your synthetic garments look better and brighter after you use WIN, and any stains that you might have picked up will be removed, as well. It’s simply the best option for your most-used synthetic pieces.

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