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Absolutely the Best Gi Detergent Out There

If you practice martial arts, your gi is likely one of your most prized garments. And just like you’d take extra care washing your favorite jacket or pair of pants, to keep them looking clean and new, you should take good care of your gi every time you put it through the laundry!

To get great results when washing your gi, it’s essential to use the right detergent. On that point, WIN is the easy choice. Our formula is ideal for washing a gi or any other garments that are used in active, athletic pursuits. Read on to discover why you need to order a bottle of WIN before you run your next load of laundry.

Taking a Closer Look

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t bothered to look at the tag inside your gi in a while (if ever). Therefore, now’s the time: look and see what it says.

If your gi happens to be made with 100% cotton, you might be able to get acceptable results with a standard detergent. However, there’s a good chance that your gi is made with synthetic fabrics. Most activewear is now made with synthetics, because they offer a number of performance advantages such as sweat wicking and drying quickly. The thing to note, however, is that synthetics don’t get clean the same way cotton does.

The Challenge of Synthetic

When you wear a gi made from synthetic materials, you’re more likely to say cool, dry, and comfortable throughout your training session than if you were wearing a similar cotton product. Cotton absorbs water and gets heavy quickly, while synthetics repel water and stay light throughout the workout.

The flip side is that the synthetic fibers of your gi, which repel water, will instead collect oils that are mixed in with your sweat. Those oils will stubbornly cling to the fibers of the gi, and, as they accumulate, they’ll start to leave behind a nasty smell. The reason that smell can linger is because the detergent you may be using doesn’t have the right formulation to deal with these oils, so they don’t come out when you put your gi through the wash.

Why WIN Leads the Way

Unlike ordinary detergents, WIN is specially engineered to target the oils that are at the heart of this smelly problem. Instead of enzymes, we use oxygen ions that effectively wash away oil molecules embedded within the fibers of your gi. WIN’s unique formula also preserves the colors and integrity of synthetic fabrics, ensuring that your gi (and any other favorite workout attire) comes out of the wash like new every time.

Finally, choosing WIN means choosing a product that not only preserves your clothes, but preserves the environment. WIN Free & Clear is certified as part of the EPA’s Safer Choice program, and all our detergents certified as cruelty-free, meaning we don’t conduct any animal testing, nor do we source our materials from any companies that test their products on animals.

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WIN detergent is designed to keep your gi smelling fresh and looking clean, no matter how hard you train. Our powerful formula targets tough odors and stains, while preserving the integrity and performance of your activewear. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, trust WIN to keep your sportswear in top condition.

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