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Active Teen Laundry Detergent - WIN Red 32 Oz

Active Teen Laundry Detergent - WIN Red 32 Oz

  • RED is geared for teens who play sports and get smelly and dirty.  RED has all of the odor removing power PLUS extra stain removers to remove grass, dirt, and other stains from sports uniforms.  It has the same great WIN scent you love, so your teen can go to practice with a fresh uniform even after a tough game.

    WIN's active ingredients remove oils and salts from uniforms and workout gear far better than any other detergent, and extra stain removers are optimized to get uniforms bright and clean even after a rough game in dirt and grass -- it even removes blood stains.

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  • Wicking Fabrics Attract Oilst

  • Those Oils are Home to Bacteria Which Creates a Lingering Smell

  • WIN'S Active Ingredients Separate Oils from Synthetic

  • By Removing Oils, WIN Makes your Apparel Smell and Perform Like New


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