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Check your labels, but most modern technical fabrics will say that they should be dried on tumble dry low. We’ve been putting our gear in the dryer on tumble dry low or air fluff for years, and have had no problems. Your mileage may vary.

Yes! HE washers use less water per load, which makes them good for the environment and your water bill. You should use less detergent per load than you would in a standard washing machine. However, because machines vary, we can’t give you a specific recommendation of how much less. Feel free to experiment with your machine.

Yes, but we don’t recommend using fabric softener on technical fabrics. In most cases, the chemicals that soften fabrics interfere with the wicking properties of your apparel. They “gum up the works” so to speak.

No, WIN does not do any animal testing.

We do not know of anything in WIN that would cause an allergic reaction, and we have not received any complaints about reactions, but we have not specifically testing against every possible allergic reaction.

Is there a fragrance free version?. . .

Yes! We now offer WIN Green which an even more eco-friendly option. It is fragrance-free and dye-free!

WIN is manufactured in and ships from Ohio, USA.

Not yet — we are not labelled for Canadian sale. We intend to expand beyond the US as our volume grows

Not yet — someday we hope to be big enough to be international.

If you don't have a local retailer, the best way to get WIN is through Our product page on Amazon is Their shipping policies to US territories and military addresses varies, but if you can get anything from Amazon, you should be able to get WIN from Amazon.

We do sponsor a limited number of events each year, but our budget is finite and samples are surprisingly expensive. If you’re a running, cycling, or triathlon event director, we recommend partnering with a local running or bike shop, who can buy WIN samples at very low cost, and can make up for the expense by directing customers back to their store.

Simply fill out this application. We respond within 48 hours, and most retailers are approved. You must be an established business with a license to collect sales tax and other products for sale besides WIN.


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