If you’re reading this, it’s because we’d like to work with you to get the word out about WIN Detergent.  We’re looking forward to developing a partnership that benefits both you and us, but most importantly benefits your audience.


WIN is a really straightforward product.  It’s a detergent that gets the smell out of synthetic fabrics. Most running, cycling, yoga, and fitness apparel is made from synthetics, and tends to smell worse than apparel made from cotton. 

Right now WIN is primarily sold on Amazon (visit the Amazon listing), and is also available in some specialty retail stores throughout the US.  We are trying very hard to expand that in 2018.

People who like WIN, love WIN.  More than HALF (68%) of the customers whose first purchase was over a year ago have purchased 2 or more bottles from us.  91% of our reviews on Amazon are 4-5 stars, and if you read some of the 800+ reviews  almost all of them gush about how well WIN works for them. 

WIN is owned & managed by Lee Silverman, the founder of NYC’s largest running store JackRabbit Sports.  Lee bought WIN Detergent 6 years ago when the original owners ran out of money because he, his staff, and his customers all used it.  He sold JackRabbit to a large national footwear retailer, and now is focusing on growing WIN into the leading brand in this tiny little niche.  He is a dedicated runner who has finished the NYC Marathon, numerous half marathons, and three Half-Ironman triathlons.  He’s currently training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in Spring 2018, and several more in the summer of 2018.

Side by Side 15pct.png

Our Goals for 2018

We are trying to grow WIN very rapidly in 2018:

  • Launching a new, more upscale look and feel for our bottles and brand look & feel. (Pictured  at right)
  • Approaching retailers like REI, Athleta, Soulcycle, Equinox, and others about carrying WIN.
  • Approaching technical apparel manufacturers about endorsing or recommending WIN to their customers.

How we want to work with you

Your audience has chosen to follow you because of your unique voice and perspective.  You know them far better than we do.  We want anything you say about WIN to be in your voice, from your experience, and we want it to be genuine.  You shouldn’t recommend WIN to your followers if you don’t genuinely believe they would benefit from giving it a try.

We want long term relationships, not “one and done” posts.  Ideally, you like WIN enough personally that you incorporate it into your own laundry routine.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep you well stocked.

Here's how things typically unfold:

  1. You fill out this application so we have all of your information.  
  2. We'll send you a free bottle of WIN Blue and WIN Green to try for yourself. (These bottles will have our old labels, so don't use them in photos.)
  3. If you like WIN and feel it's a product you're comfortable promoting to your followers, we'll sign a contract (template below).  We'll also need you to fill out a W-9 form for tax reporting.
  4. Sometime in May 2018, the new WIN bottles will finish production.  We'll send you two new bottles for you to use in photos.
  5. We typically look for three posts on Facebook and Instagram, spread over 6-8 weeks in May, June, and July:
    1. First Post: Tell followers about your discovery of WIN, that you've tried it and that it really worked for your clothing.
    2. Second Post: A big "challenge" for WIN, like washing your gear after an epic workout.  The idea of this post is to show that WIN really works better than regular detergents, and that you're happy you're using it.
    3. Third Post: You've used up your entire bottle of WIN and are getting more, and want your followers to get more too!  So you're doing a giveaway.  To be eligible, fans just follow WIN on FB or Insta and tag a friend in the comments.  Both the winning fan and the person they tagged will get a free bottle of WIN.  (Lower 48 states only.)
  6. We will repost some or all of your photos to our own social feeds, but might use different captions or text.  We'll always tag or reference you when we use your materials.  We may also feature you in a longer article on our blog, social channels, or web site.
  7. Other ideas: Some influencers have significant numbers of followers on their YouTube channel, blog, or other media.  We're happy to work with you to tell the story wherever you think it should be heard.
  8. Samples: if you have an audience of likely WIN fans who would like to give WIN a try, we can send you samples to hand out.  They're expensive, so we like to use them judiciously, but there's nothing like trying it to convince someone how good WIN really is.


Your Name (reqd) *
Your Name (reqd)
Your Address (reqd so we can send you a few bottles of WIN to try for yourself) *
Your Address (reqd so we can send you a few bottles of WIN to try for yourself)
Please give us a reasonable price for the three posts we're asking for. We typically pay 1/3 of the contract amount after each post, but can be flexible on payment terms. If it makes sense to have a different structure, please go ahead and tell us what you propose.